Learn about the benefits of MERSSAD! at four point we took the most important ones.


Efficiency & Productivity

Uncover the hidden potential of existing resources (manpower, assets & fleet) you have and analyse the efficiency & productivity graph over a period of time.


Driver Safety and compliance

Real-time coaching via the app to help drivers self-correct their driving behaviour and make them compete with their co-workers to earn driver rewards, resulting in better compliance and better maintained vehicles for compliance. Boost your brand with safer driving & a greener fleet.


Asset and personal Security

Secure your drivers on the road and your assets in the field. Get the best possible return on all your resources & assets


Vehicle maintenance & fuel savings

See real savings and better returns across your entire fleet. Improved safety & fewer claims reduces premiums. Tools to measure, manage and minimize on vehicle service & fuel cost

Benefits in numbers*

Fuel Saving

Time Saving


People security

* Approximate figures established according to the 2015 annual aggregate calculations

I love Merssad products

“Merssad team was awesome in training our team tirelessly and in activating the devices without any delay“


Director, Transport Division

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Merssad, simply the best

“Merssad Support team was available for any clarifications whenever our team needed the most! They are simply the best in class in KSA!“



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