Merssad employs senior consultants & project managers that have proven expertise in implementing telematics solutions to streamline business operations and drive ROI. Merssad offers Technology Integration (Telematics, Connected cars) Systems Implementation, Data Management and managing on-premise, private/public clouds. Our Methodology goes beyond just implementation. In this process, we Assess, Build, Prototype, Train and Execute to ensure a fully integrated operation.



We objectively evaluate your operational requirements to determine the best resolution for your business challenges and gaps.



A prototype is suggested for all solution implementations. This provides the ability to create a test environment to fully test the solution to assure all decisions have been accurately and thoroughly processed and proven to work appropriately/as designed. Implementing complex business systems on-time, on-budget, and without disruption to customer, takes significant planning, expertise and resources. Often times, software must also be carefully customized to meet specific business strategies and operational requirements.

Our teams of industry experts manage the full end-to-end process during the pilot phase, demonstrating system capabilities, prove robustness and, deliver compelling ROI to enhance business performance. Merssad pilot program ensures enhanced benefit realization, combining industry expert consultants with project management processes. We will assist in every step of the way from installation, to demonstrating return on investment, to ensure benefits are maximized and presented throughout the pilot phase.



We work with you to execute a combination of technical development and best-in-class operational process changes.



Merssad places a great deal of importance on training and application testing. Our methodology is designed to effectively transition knowledge to the client team through mentoring and guidance.

A typical training program for different job roles should consist of:

  • Director & Senior Manager Focusing on benchmarking and ROI techniques
  • Super-User & Super Administrator Internal go-to-resource that understands the solution beyond a typical user
  • Vehicle Tracking Operator Use of telematics to manage their teams
  • Branch / Regional / Middle Manager Daily tactical use
  • Driver Training (Optional) Why use telematics What data is recorded What purpose Driver performance management



We execute on the project plan and begin using the solution in a live environment. Post implementation support includes addressing any system challenges, stabilizing the workforce and ramping the operation to standard throughput levels.