Whether you require distribution or fulfillment, defined freight forwarding, or a complete supply chain solution, GL can provide you with a customized solution tailored to your needs.

Transportation and distribution

Distribution companies are challenged with increasingly slim margins and getting the right products to right place at the right time. Balancing the need to maintain the high levels of customer service, required to attract and retain customers, against cost pressures across transportation and labor is no easy task. You need the tools in place to help overcome disparate systems and manual processes, while better managing the inventory, assets, personnel and related documents you have in motion.

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Rental and leasing

Merssad solutions offers rental and leasing companies the ability to optimize fleet operations through realtime data, analysis and management features that monitor usage, utilization, service and maintenance needs, and much more. Meanwhile, by extracting and feeding key vehicle data such as odometer reading, driving behavior and engine diagnostic messages into other backoffice systems, rental and leasing businesses can undertake proactive maintenance scheduling and vehicle management.

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Food and Beverage

If you’re in the food and beverage industry , you have specific challenges to meet – keeping everything fresh , on-time deliveries, demanding customers, ad hoc jobs and coordinating with drivers. Merssad Solutions can help you solve the Unique challenges faced by the beverage industry. The beverage industry is a fast-moving and constantly changing scene. Closely associated with hospitality , it can be demanding and competitive.

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Implementation of Telematics solutions in utility fleets have shown improvements in driver performance and measurable savings. It has also lead to reduction in maintenance costs and improvements in compliance. Utility fleets are responsible for maintaining and operating lots of vehicles that are critical to business operations, hence it is important that the utility fleet go through vehicle safety inspections to meet compliance.

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