Rental and leasing Rental and leasing

Merssad solutions offers rental and leasing companies the ability to optimize fleet operations through realtime data, analysis and management features that monitor usage, utilization, service and maintenance needs, and much more. Meanwhile, by extracting and feeding key vehicle data such as odometer reading, driving behavior and engine diagnostic messages into other backoffice systems, rental and leasing businesses can undertake proactive maintenance scheduling and vehicle management.

Having a clear view of vehicle locations, information on mileage, and insight into how vehicles are being driven enables Rental and Leasing operators to boost their performance. Better service and more efficient operations help customers to save costs and lessen business risk.

Merssad solution quickly and easily captures telematics data, so is ideal for any vehicle arrangement regardless of contract type or length. It not only provides a simple way of monitoring assets and protecting against misuse, but also enable companies to ensure they are being driven responsibly to help maximize return on investment value. These include automated accident alerts to emergency services, driver emergency assistance and breakdown service call