Merssad fleet

MF is Powerful. Easy-to Use. Amazing Price. Be a hero to your customers with superior service, powered by Merssad's next-generation remote monitoring system

Merssad Fleet - Smart Fleet Management System - Top features

  • Plug n Play OBD-II/J-Bus -installation takes 22 seconds or less
  • Works well with Cars/SUVs/Vans
  • Lifetime hardware warranty
  • Auto driver recognition via BLE beacons
  • It talks to the engine** every second giving great insights on
  • Tracking
  • Driver behavior
  • Fuel data**
  • Engine data**
  • Maintenance schedule, automatic maintenance alerts and more...
  • Low Battery Alerts**
  • Low Fuel Alerts**
  • Monitors and reports distracted driving behavior
  • Driven by rewards, best drivers get rewarded by the company.
  • Driver behavior can be tracked via web & mobile apps
  • Graphical charts can be viewed via Web browser/mobile app using any connected devices

Sample report from the field... (Summary report for last 15 days driving of Honda Car)

    • Total drive time: 21 hrs 39 mins.
    • Distance Travelled: 920.9 kms
    • Idling: 1 hr 22 mins
    • Maintenance schedule and more...
    • Hard braking : 19 times so far
    • Sudden acceleration : 1 
    • Over speeding events (above 105 km/hr): 54 Max speed: 160 kmph.
    • Note: Over speeding limit can be set for a vehicle or for a group or across the company

Worst days (in a month or 90 days duration):

    • 30th Jan: You had 5 hard braking.
    • 3rd Feb: 4 hard braking and 1 sudden acceleration

Best days of driving:

    • 22nd Jan & 2nd Feb
    • Your overall score for last 3 weeks : 68/100

Mobile apps for iOS & Android users with following features:

  • Track driver behavior listed above.
  • Get details about each trip
  • View driver scores & ranking
  • View rewards from the company
  • Communicate with others in the company via in-built messaging includes attachments, location
  • Locate your car in the parking lot
  • Locate nearest POIs such as Fuel Stations, Restaurants, Service Stations etc...
  • Employee Timesheet Management (Shift start, break details and Shift end)